Use iPad apps on Mac: New feature still in 2018

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Use iPad apps on Mac. Apple wants to allow the use of iPad apps on the Mac later this year. This feature will probably be integrated with macOS 10.14. It will be integrated as a new feature, even if Apple has internally decided to optimize iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 mainly in terms of stability and performance.Presumably, there will not be a Mac that can play iOS apps, or Macs with ARM processors, even though we’ve taken a stand several times

Using iPad apps on the Mac

But Apple is actually planning to upgrade its Mac App Store, offering developers more options This includes a framework for developing apps that work on Mac and iPad. At the beginning of January, Craig Federighi had plotted the plans at an Apple-internal meeting with software engineers.

The Road to Universal Apps

Similar to the idea of ​​Microsoft’s Universal Apps , But Apple already has experience with software for different platforms from the days when Macs with Power PC and Intel CPUs were sold.

This time, however, developers should have the opportunity to design universal apps that support different input methods ( Touchscreen, mouse, trackpad, keyboard).

Project Marzipan

From two reports by Bloomberg and Axios it appears that the project is internally referred to by Apple as the project “Marzipan” , Details on how the implementation ultimately works, were not known.

It is conceivable, however, that Apple simply provides new software interfaces. There is already support from the iPhone manufacturer when developers offer their apps with voice control in different languages.

UXKit for all?

Since 2015, Apple has been aware of a previously privately used interface for Mac software called UXKit. Among other things, Adobe’s Photoshop for macOS was realized. The interface is similar to UIKit for iOS. It is possible that the company from Cupertino will start at this point.

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