Use of AI in business still highly expandable

Also this year, the market research institute Econsultancy carried out the study Digital Trends 2018 on behalf of Adobe. Around 13,000 employees from marketing departments of companies around the world were interviewed on various topics. It is noticeable that the use of artificial intelligence, for example through self-learning algorithms, is becoming more and more important, but there are areas in which the topic plays virtually no role.

42 percent of the interviewees indicated that they already use AI, or intend to use it in the next twelve months. However, only for tasks such as the analysis of data or e-mail marketing. Only two percent also use AI for the customer experience, ie the positive customer experience. An example of this may be a product recommendation personalized by AI and thus as suitable as possible. But why do not companies use artificial intelligence for such areas? Asked about the reasons, the participants state 41 percent lack of know-how and 38 percent lack of resources.

In addition to the only partial use of AI, another point is emerging in the study. Almost half of all companies use different, non-interconnected systems and programs. Although the cooperation of different corporate departments would steadily improve, the heterogeneous IT prevents even deeper exchange and synergy effects.

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