Using Apple Watch as a Walkie-Talkie – Here’s how it works

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When Apple introduced the first Apple Watch in 2014, they also announced an intercom feature, but this feature has not been available yet, but it will change with watchOS 5. Apple announced at this year’s WWDC that the Apple Watch will be discontinued Autumn can also be used as a walkie-talkie, fulfilling the long-held promise, but with limitations …

The Apple Watch wi finally to the walkie-talkie. However, there is a “but”. The Apple Watch becomes a walkie-talkie, but only the newer models. The first generation from 2015 does not get the function, as watchOS 5 will not appear for Apple’s original smartwatch. In addition, the feature only works between Apple Watch users when the latest software (watchOS 5 or newer) is installed on all devices.

Enable walkie-talkie

Before you can chat with your friends, you should first activate the feature. To do this, open the new walkie-talkie app (yellow icon) on your home screen. Now scroll through your contacts with the Digital Crown and tap on the desired name. Confirm your input and then tap “Speak” to connect. Your opponent should now confirm the connection. Until then you have to wait. Once the connection is made, the app automatically returns and you can talk to each other via “talking.”

If you’re connected to a friend, you’ll see it on the clock face as well. Instead of the message icon, here’s a yellow icon that you can tap to get back to conversation.

Incidentally, you can revoke the connection at any time. To do this, open the walkie-talkie app and immediately above you will see “Available” with slide switch. You can disable this to be temporarily unavailable. However, to completely cancel sharing for a contact, swipe left on the yellow tab and tap the red “X”.

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