Using dynamic wallpaper in macOS Mojave – Here’s how it works

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New image Among other things, Apple donated a photograph of the eponymous Mojave Desert. In contrast to the previous wallpapern this changes during the day. In the morning it is still bathed in a shallow blue, while during the day the lighting intensifies and only in the evening it decreases, before it can be seen in a dark blue barely so. If you do not want such a dynamic background change, the feature can be disabled at any time.

How to enable / disable the dynamic wallpapers in macOS Mojave

To enable or disable the dynamic wallpapers under macOS Mojave, first click on the Apple logo in the menu bar and then select “System Preferences” ” out. In the settings menu, click on “Desktop & Screensaver”. Now select the tab “Desktop” and then one of the dynamic wallpapers. Above it now appears a dropdown menu. Here you can choose whether you want to use the dynamic, light or dark theme. You can revoke your selection at any time.

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