Using HomePod to make a phone call – how it works

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How to use Hom ePod as Handsfree for Calls

Important Notice : While using the HomePod as a hands-free device, Siri can not use any voice commands.

Whether you call someone or not You are called – in both cases you can use the HomePod as a hands-free device. When making a call, tap the audio symbol on the display. If the app does not run in the foreground, open the phone app beforehand. Now select your HomePod as a playback device. The HomePod signals this with a green light on the display.

Use the plus and minus buttons on the top of the HomePod to adjust the volume. Alternatively, this works on the iPhone. To end the conversation, simply tap the green light in the center of the HomePod display or the red handset on the iPhone.

Manage Multiple Calls Simultaneously with the HomePod

Curiously, you can answer calls on the HomePod if you already use the Smart Speaker as a hands-free device. Apple gives you several options to choose from:

By holding your finger on the green light, end the current call and accept the new one. If you want to hold the current call, just press the green light. The current call is then placed in the stop position while the incoming call is accepted. To switch back and forth between the two parties, just tap the top of the HomePod.

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