Using Siri Silently – It’s So Easy

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For a long time, Siri was just Siri. There were few or no configuration options and third-party support was a long way off. This has changed dramatically in recent software generations. Siri has been able to respond to commands without audio feedback since iOS 9. We’d like to show you what you can do with it and where to find the settings.

If that’s not happened before, in an awkward, quiet situation, play around on the iPhone and stay on the Home button for a while, so that Siri answers promptly, and Apple has been letting you do that to avoid such a (sometimes embarrassing) situation iOS 9 will disable audiofeedback if the iPhone is set to silent.

To enable the feature, first open the tuner gs app and then call up the entry “Siri & Search”. Here you will find various settings to customize Siri to your needs. Underneath hides the option “speech feedback”, which you now tap. You can now choose from three options: “Always on”, “With switch” “Control ringtone” and “Handsfree only”.

While selecting the first option will give you audio feedback on every Siri request, you should choose “control with switch” ringtone if you do not want to hear Siri’s voice in sleep mode. Specifically, this means that when the setting is on, Siri’s voice output will be disabled if you slide the small switch on the left side of the device backwards and set your iPhone to “silent”. In this case Siri will answer you by text. However, according to the settings description, voice feedback is still active when you address the voice assistant with “Hey Siri,” headphones, or other Bluetooth audio devices.

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