Using the smartphone during sex, a more and more common activity


The message posted by a man on Reddit was viralized. He wrote that he got his girlfriend looking at the phone while they were having sex. "How much would you upset this? I am very angry, "he wrote.

Although there have been users who have told her that this is "normal" in the society we live in, most of those who have posted comments have been right to the man. According to him, the woman tried to hide the phone so that he did not see him. It was she who was the one who initiated the love affair.

This case is far from isolated. A survey by the University of Virginia on a sample of 221 students showed that 10% of them used their smartphone during a sexual act

Another research, conducted in 2013 by Harris Interactive, showed that 20% of young Americans aged between 18 and 34 frequently did this.

Bringing your smartphone in bed during moments of love can have unpleasant consequences. A man who deceived his fiancée was caught after accidentally summoning her partner during a visit to an escort.

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