Using Whatsapp on Mac – how it works

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We’ll show you how to use WhatsApp on the Mac as well. But you still need your iPhone for that. Because this is needed to authorize the connection for the web client.

Recently, WhatsApp has released a new version of the in-house desktop app for the popular chat service. Users of Apple’s iMessage counterpart are well aware that the benefits of using the Mac are obvious: typing longer texts on a real keyboard is easier than ever, making it really easy to run and keep an eye on the app.

In addition, even the sending of photos and videos by dragging and dropping with the mouse is much more comfortable. Of course, files that you receive via WhatsApp can also be backed up on Mac.

Sorry, no replacement

Unlike Apple, Facebook, as the owner of WhatsApp, has decided not to build a stand-alone app for Mac and PC, but a companion app.

You connect Mac and iPhone apps by scanning a QR code. Without having the iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network after that, the Mac app is virtually useless.

However, this step also has an advantage: communication always takes place via your iPhone (or, of course, Android smartphone) and On the provider side, one can focus primarily on the security of the mobile app. In addition, iPhones are much harder to hack than Macs. However, unlike iMessage, with WhatsApp you can never be without your smartphone.

But remember that anyone using your Mac can read your WhatsApp messages – at least as long as you’re not Log out regularly in the WhatsApp Mac app.


It takes : 10 minutes
You learn : Configure and use the Whatsapp app
You need : iPhone with Whatsapp, Mac with min. OS X 10.9


The original WhatsApp app is not very well adapted to the Mac. If you don’t need 3,49 Euro, we recommend “ChatMate for WhatsApp” from the Mac App Store.

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