VEX NEX has revealed the "espionage" methods on Chinese phones and applications


The fact that China's phones and apps collect data is a reality accepted by many, but it has just been discovered how much data companies collect from this country about their users. Ironically, however, it is precisely a 100% Chinese device that has blunted many of the companies: the Vivo NEX, the new thin-walled phone and the cut-out screen. In fact, its innovative design is to blame for many of the discoveries, as the front camera starts every time the software calls it "

Vivo NEX users have discovered applications such as the Weibo social networking service, the Telegram encrypted messaging service, the QQ browser, and many other applications made by giant companies in the Chinese market like Baidu, starting the front camera without announcing the user . When it comes to the NEX device, it comes out physically from the casing when it's turned on.

More curious is that once you install some applications from Baidu, the camera starts in absolutely every application you use whether it is produced by the company or not. Since most governments in China are involved with the government in a way or another, this data can then be collected and then used against users

These applications in China can also affect users from the rest of the world . Security specialists recommend using China's communications applications to contact people in China (since all other messaging or social networking applications are blocked within the country), a sacrificial device where important data are not stored in outside those applications. A second "main" phone should be completely clean without software in China.

The companies in question have justified the need for access to the camera for features like voice control, QR code scanning, and environmental noise removal while others like Telegram have released an update to fix the problem. Moreover, users have probably already given their consent to use these components at launch or at first run, but they are not informed every time the app even starts to use it

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