Video for iPhone SE 2 released

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Looks like the new iPhone SE 2 presumably acts the object shown in the video is a “thing” with Ersa tz- and accessories was zusammengebastelt. The finished product will probably not look that way, but still worth a look.

Video to show iPhone SE 2

It would not be the first video that a possible iPhone SE 2 shows. However, the new shots differ significantly from those seen in the middle of March .

The “device” is only passively seen in the video, and not in use. It could just as well be a converted iPhone SE. In fact, there are service providers that make tags in the mold and replace the metal back with a glass back.

Touch ID? Charge Wirelessly?

What can the iPhone SE 2 shown? Because of the glass back, it can be concluded that the smartphone would probably be wirelessly rechargeable, similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X now. On the front is good to see the fingerprint sensor Touch ID. It makes perfect sense that Apple donated only the premium models face recognition Face ID. Especially since there are still reports of production bottlenecks in the components for the TrueDepth camera.

Rumors about an iPhone SE 2 persist. Recently it was speculated that Apple could bring the device in May or then in June for WWDC 2018 in the trade.

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