Video: iPhone after battery replacement in speed test

For Apple, it was one of the biggest embarrassments of the last Z When it was discovered that older iPhone models also slow down the performance as the battery slows down, the company even apologized to its customers and promised that users will be able to deactivate the function on request with the next major iOS update. Many were annoyed above all that Apple tacitly integrated the combination of battery and processor in iOS.

Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest on YouTube

Bennett Sorbo is now showing how big the difference really is on the example of an iPhone 6s on the video platform YouTube. He also filmed his iPhone on a number of everyday things before and after the battery crash. He opened apps and websites, ran a game, and started playing music. Also a Geekbench performance test led Sorbo on the iPhone.

The video shows very clearly how big the difference in speed is by changing the battery. Before the replacement, the device needed nearly six minutes for all processes and achieved a Geekbench multi-core score of 2485 points. After the exchange, the various steps took just under four and a half minutes and the device reached a score of 4412 points. In everyday life, a battery change in older iPhone models, the device again so much faster and make a new purchase unnecessary.

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