Video Streaming on iPhone, iPad, and Mac: The Great Guide to Tips & Tricks


Who has the latest series, who has the biggest movie selection? A comparison test of the large streaming services is hardly worthwhile, because series fans and film fans usually use several providers, so as not to miss any highlight. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video lure with exclusive in-house productions, Sky Ticket offers the latest episodes of "Games of Thrones", "The Walking Dead" and other popular series parallel to the US launch and Maxdome convinced with its large range of films.

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The costs for the streaming services are limited. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can already be streamed from 7.99 euros per month, and even the series package of Sky Ticket you can already refer for 9.99 euros per month - without long contract periods. Where: If you want to be well-equipped, come on the year already a neat little sum together. If you book Netflix's premium package - including Ultra HD quality and the option to watch up to four devices at the same time - you pay just under € 170 per year for that alone. Reason enough to exploit the potential of streaming offers even better.

All offers in one app

At the end of last year Apple launched the app "TV" in Germany on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, replacing the "Videos" application that was previously available on iTunes Store-bought video content. The TV app now also integrates the offers of some streaming providers and media libraries under one common interface. Amazon Prime Video, Sky Ticket, Mubi, the ZDF media library and TV Now, the video portal of the RTL media group, are currently in Germany. The TV app shows, among other things, which programs and films you are currently watching at the respective providers and also allows you to continue playing at the last stopped positions. However, for playback itself, the TV app switches to the applications of the providers - if they are installed.

Basically, the TV app, which also presents the user with recommendations from the services offered by the participating services, is quite practical, because you do not always remember which provider you are watching which series. The fact that only a few services are currently on board in Germany does not make the app a must for streaming friends.

Book tip: The video library

What was it before there were streaming services? Exactly: There was the video library! In his book "The Video Library: On the History and Media Practice of a Cultural Institution", the media scientist Tobias Haupts describes how the video cassette "emancipated the viewer from the regulations of cinema and television". The reading motivates to visit the last remaining representatives of this institution. The book is available for 34,99 from the publisher Transcript.


With the introduction of the current Apple TV generation, the manufacturer has also begun to offer content in 4K quality in the iTunes Store. However, for the information on 4K available movies, Apple states that this quality is available exclusively for Apple TV. Macs - even if they have an appropriate display - so far can not be used for the playback of 4K content from the iTunes Store. The same is true for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

If Ultra HD content is to be streamed with a computer, Netflix will only allow this option for selected Windows computers (Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 must be installed) to disposal. Amazon Prime Video does not provide any computer configurations in its compatibility overview that would allow it to play UHD content from its own store.

Incidentally, when both Netflix and Amazon talk about "Ultra High Definition," they're content meant with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 4K designates in principle all image resolutions with approximately 4000 x 2000 pixels. In fact, the corresponding films and series from the iTunes Store are Ultra HD content, for which Apple specifies a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Apple users do not have to go without the ultra-high resolution content of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Requirements are however a current Apple TV 4K as well as a suitable television and a potent Internet line. The apps from Netflix and Amazon for Apple TV support namely the 4K playback.

In addition to the designations 4K and Ultra-HD in the iTunes Store certain content also carry the HDR label and offer, among other things, a larger color gamut , In addition to the Apple TV 4K, the iPhone 8 or later, as well as the iPad Pro, are capable of playing this content.

Demanding Alternatives

The two Amazon Prime Video and Netflix services dominate most of the subscription-financed streaming market in Germany, but they are by no means the only relevant providers. Besides alternatives like Sky Ticket and Maxdome there are more interesting offers for cineastes and art-house fans, which are well worth a look. For example, Mubi offers a new movie every day for 8.99 euros a month, with a total of 30 films available at any one time. This is not an extensive offer at first glance, but this is exactly where the advantage of the streaming service lies. Mubi does not clog his channels with cinematic B and C-Ware, but consistently relies on classics, independent bands and cult films, offering demanding viewers an appealing, manageable offer. Movies can also be downloaded for offline viewing using the iPhone and iPad app, and Apple TV has its own app.

Filmfriend is the name of a video-on-demand platform for German libraries that will only be released on their launch in May 2017 Berlin library customers was available, meanwhile also customers of the Hamburg book halls can use the offer. The sophisticated offer of the service includes films, documentaries and series and can be used in the web browser. An iPhone or iPad app does not yet exist, but according to the service is in preparation.

The streaming provider Realeyz from Berlin describes itself as an "Indie Film Network", working with film schools, film institutes and other partners and is completely committed to the independent film. Currently there are according to own data over 1.700 films in the program. The creators say they want to develop their own apps "at a later date", but thanks to responsive web design, the site is also suitable for mobile devices. Interested parties can test Realeyz for 14 days for free, after which the service costs 5.50 euros per month.

Tricks for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

What's New at Netflix? If it's not about the big highlights , Netflix sometimes makes it difficult to see what content has been added. The blog "Netflix Germany" ( informs clearly and sorted by days about all new content in the Netflix program. If you want to know which streaming service has a particular series or movie in the program, visit the website

Remove Registered Devices on Amazon: When you sell devices or lost, you should also log out of your Amazon Prime Video account. To remove registered devices, simply log them out in the Prime Video Settings.

Get into the business at Amazon yourself: You have a script in the box yourself or a sparkling serial idea ? Amazon Studios allows you to submit your own ideas and also provides helpful tools such as the Amazon Storywriter. All information is available at

Undisturbed serial marathon on Netflix: If you watch a series of episodes of a series on Netflix without interacting with the player , the message "Are you watching?" appears and playback stops. So you want to make sure that the playback does not continue undesirably. The active "Binge Watching", ie the serial marathon, can annoy this function. Here's a Chrome extension that will help in this case to the name Flix Assist.

Delete videos from "My program" on Amazon: Who videos on Amazon Prime Video from his history can do this in the My Program section. Select "My Prime Video" and then "All Videos" in your Amazon account first. Now click "Edit" in the "My Program" section and remove the videos you want by using the "x" button.

Videos always in the foreground: "Helium" is a name Free browser for OS X, which is characterized by some special features. One of them is that a helium window on the desktop is always in the foreground. So you can look at Netflix while working on the computer without the "screen" disappearing behind other program windows. Helium is also available in the Mac App Store.

Worth Seeing for the Serial Marathon


  • The Sinner: unusual situation leads to tingling high voltage .
  • The Break: gritty Belgian crime series between "The Killing" and "Broadchurch."
  • Stranger Things: The Ultimate Homage to the Eighties as a Mystery Series Featuring Cool Kids.


  • The Affair: drama told from different perspectives
  • Taboo: Tom Hardy faces over-powerful opponents in Victorian London.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Housewife in the 1950s discovers her talent for stand-up comedy.


  • Twin Peaks: Brilliant: After 25 years David Lynch leads us back the most mysterious place in the world.
  • Fortitude: exciting and well-populated thriller in icy settings.
  • Babylon Berlin: German top production, based in Berlin in the 1920s.

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