Videos: The Apple Pencil on the new iPad

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Apple released some fresh videos last night on the recently released iPad on YouTube. The company is trying to focus more on educational institutions and students. Therefore, once more the combination of iPad and the Apple Pencil in the foreground and shows in the different videos, how the cooperation of both devices in notes, photos and Keynote works.

Already since Apple promotes the device diligently for students and students of the release of the new iPad. Again, the company has again posted new videos on YouTube. In the 12 to 17 second long spots, the focus is again on the Apple Pencil and the advanced features that the new support brings with it.

The first video shows the simple work in the notes app. There you can easily create handwritten notes, insert pictures and more. Meanwhile, the second spot features the character app Tayasui Sketches Pro, which offers more cool ways to create interesting content.


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Of course, Apple’s iWork apps should not be missed and so this time they have decided for Keynote. The app had received due to the iPad release a comprehensive update, which for the first time, the Apple Pencil is supported. Incidentally, the same applies to Pages and Numbers.

Last but not least, a system-wide feature is also dedicated: the marking. This feature can be found in the Photos app, in Mail, and in some other applications, and allows quick and easy drawing in images or screenshots.

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