Virgin Galactic has successfully tested the ship that will lead tourists in space for "only" $ 250,000 [VIDEO]

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The company founded by Richard Branson conducted a new series of tests with the SpaceShipTwo, called Unity, transmits Discover

In the future, Virgin Galactic hopes that Unity will take passengers to the border with space, so they will feel impenetrable before returning to Earth. In the recent tests, all systems functioned as planned.

The new video released by the company shows the moment Unity is released from the WhiteKnightTwo launch ship at an altitude of 35 kilometers. "Today I saw VSS Unity in its natural environment," said Richard Branson.

Virgin Galactic sells aboard a ship for $ 250,000, up to now 650 seats are occupied. Branson has stopped making statements about when the ship will be launched in the first official flight. But if the tests continue to be without problems, the first passenger could reach the border of space in 2019.

The latest flight test took place after the first Virgin Galactic ship first collapsed in 2014.

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