"Virtual coins can kill people"

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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, believes that the virtual currency anonymity is not a good thing, because using them can buy drugs, finance terrorist attacks, or money laundering, Mediafax

Virtual coins kill people by being used to purchase synthetic drugs, Microsoft founder said in a question and answer session on Reddit.

"Right now cryptomonas are used to buy fentanyl and other drugs, so it's a technology that causes deaths in a fairly direct way," Gates said.

The Microsoft co-founder said that cryptomonas anonymity prevents the authorities from scrapping money laundering or terrorist financing. He believes that the current speculative wave of Cryptomonas Initial offers (ICO) is extremely risky for long-term investors.

Some of the participants in the discussion criticized Gates, noting that he was uninformed, that he could influence the market with his statements, while others suggested it to study the bitcoin launch document

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Gates has not always been so critical with virtual coins, because in 2014, in an interview with Bloombeerg TV, he liked bitcoin as "better than a currency."

And investor Warren Buffett, a close friend of Gates, has been pessimistic about cryptomonas that will "end up bad."

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