Virtualize Windows 10 on Mac – how it works

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How to virtually install and use Windows 10 on your Mac. We’ll show you a solution that you can do with the free virtualization software Virtualbox and show you step by step how it works.

Virtualbox is a free app that lets you create a “Windows 10 virtual machine” on Mac. So you can use Windows, use developed programs and share files from your Mac. All you need to do is buy a Windows 10 DVD or download an ISO file and have a valid product key for the version you are using.

Our guide also includes tips for installing the Virtualbox Extension Pack and Guest Extension. These include a full-screen mode (press [cmd] + [F]) and support for USB devices. After working through our steps, check out the Virtualbox menu for more treasures.

In the Virtualbox, select Devices> Clipboard> Bidirectional to copy text between macOS and your virtual Windows. You can also drag and drop files and folders between the two systems. PCs are more prone to malware than a Mac. Therefore, it is advisable to allow this only in one direction. You can also share only certain directories from your Mac, such as the download folder. Choose Devices> Shared Folders> Folder Settings to add a specific folder. You will then have access to it in Windows Explorer under “Network> VBOXSVR”.


It takes : min. 1 hour
Learning : Installing Windows under Virtualbox
You need : Windows 10 as DVD or ISO image

Editor’s Notes!

Virtualbox lets you take snapshots of your virtual machines and return to a specific point at any time for recovery.

Workshop: How to Prepare Virtualbox for the Windows Installation

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