Vivo NEX Inside, the all-screen smartphone and retractable camera

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While other manufacturers are developing smartphone models with a foldable screen, a separate niche of products that tend to totally eliminate the frame around the screen draws attention by remarkable results, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Essential Phone, iPhone X and its clones OPPO Find and Vivo NEX being just a few examples of success.

Disassembled to the last component, Vivo NEX confirms the expectations of increased design complexity with direct effect on manufacturing costs. The 128GB version of the NEX S costs the equivalent of $ 702, and the 256GB has a $ 780 price. NEX It costs $ 608.

Unfortunately, the pearl price does not guarantee the long-term reliability of the device, the mechanism for expanding the electric motor-driven camera is particularly prone to wear caused by the obsession of some users for self-photos

Among the exotic features offered by the Vivo NEX is a new piezoelectric inductor that transforms the screen surface into the loudspeaker, successfully replacing the earpiece that can not be placed close enough to the ear.

Another interesting feature is the fingerprint sensor, without sticking to it. Much larger than conventional solutions, it can take fingerprint signatures from nearly half of the screen surface.

In terms of ease of disassembly and intervention to replace damaged components, Vivo NEX does not pose any particular problems, with the outer casing being dismantled using common methods well-worn by service technicians

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