VLC can no longer be installed on Huawei phones

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VLC is one of the most popular applications for video playback, and is compatible with most existing formats. Being rooted in PC playback solutions, the app migrated to mobile just a few years ago, but now it seems that not all smartphone users can now get support from VLC. The multimedia application was blocked on the Huawei terminals, the developers saying that the EMUI software and the way they manage the software in the background are to blame.

It seems that users Huawei has been experiencing problems with VLC for a long time, and the solution is not in the hands of VideoLAN. Practically, EMUI closes all background processes after a certain period of time to save battery, but this means that even music-based apps that do not come pre-installed on your phone are affected. Since VLC can also be used to play music, not just video, the app has a strange behavior on these devices.

From now on and until a solution to this problem is found, the VLC application will no longer be available installed from the Google Play Store, as Huawei devices were removed from the list of compatible phones. Despite the fact that there is no complete list of blocked devices, VideoLAN has announced that it is especially about "recent" devices, most likely those that have Android Oreo installed, as Huawei boasted the launch of EMUI 8.1 that it uses AI to optimize battery usage

Those who still want to use the app will be able to install it in APK format, as VideoLAN offers such an official download. Disadvantage is the lack of automatic updates through the Google Play Store. Currently VLC is the only application that reported problems with the Huawei phones.

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