Vodafone introduces "Advance Offer", a service that allows you to renew active offer without credit

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Vodafone Card users receive a new feature called "Bid in advance," enabling the current option to be reactivated even if the existing credit is insufficient, the cost of which will be deducted at the next upload. Thus, Vodafone users can stay connected to the mobile internet and have the ability to make voice calls, having a week to transfer credit to the card

A premiere on the telecom market, the free Advance Purchase service is part of the special Easter campaign. Vodafone Romania thus integrates in the offer for cards an option available, traditionally, only for subscribers of mobile services

With the new service, when credit to Vodafone users becomes inadequate, the offer is renewed automatically, so they receive an advance credit that will be deducted from the next recharge. All he has to do is recharge over the next seven days so he can continue to use the benefits included in the offer

The new service is available to both existing and new customers who have at least two consecutive activations of a bid. It can be activated by sending the text "Yes" to the number 366 in response to an SMS that customers receive for initiating the service

With the new offer launched in the Easter campaign, Vodafone customers can also benefit from an 80,000 MB bonus with a 90-day validity, which they receive at the first activation of an offer of at least 6 euros: 50,000 MB are automatically received when the offer is activated, and the remaining 30,000 MB is offered within the "Net Use, Net Get" campaign and are received when sending an SMS with the text "Yes" at 2777.

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