VW Group promises vehicles with automatic parking option available until 2020


Volkswagen Group prepares the introduction of the automatic parking function for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche cars

Available for start-up only in specially-arranged locations, the automated parking function will allow occupants to leave the vehicle at the main entrance to the visited destination, navigating autonomously to a place in the underground car park or other space reserved for that purpose

Already in the test phase at Hamburg Airport, the autonomous parking system can navigate multi-storey car parks, guided by the markings marked on the special delineated route. The assisted radar, ultrasound and video cameras allow for visual recognition of the surroundings, so vehicles can react to objects and bypass various obstacles without too much difficulty

For the time being, autonomous vehicles have access roads and parking areas isolated from pedestrian traffic, but after the technology is upgraded, they will be able to move alongside other drivers, parked in any available space

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