watchOS 4: Customize Siri Watch Face of the Apple Watch – Here’s how it works

Apple has donated the Apple Watch a new face, Siri uses as a personal assistant. This will show you upcoming dates, the weather, market values ​​and some other information that is constantly updated. Digital Crown allows you to see through the individual tiles. In addition, the dial has two freely configurable complications, which display Siri and the current date by default. While the seconds are not displayed directly, the colon looks between the hour and the minutes every second.

To customize the Siri dial to your own wishes, pick up your iPhone and open the Watch app. In the tab "My Clock" you can see under the heading "My Dials" all currently stored ZIfferblätter. Select "Siri". Under Complications, you can now change both. For example, tap "Top Left" and select another complication, as "Siri" can also be started by "Hey Siri" or long press on the Apple Watch's Digital Crown.

Make choices, you can take care of the displayed tiles. Under "Data sources" you will find all the sources that the Siri dial can show you. To disable a data source, such as "Breathing," simply drag the slider to the left and you will no longer see the hint. They can be limited to a few tiles. Unfortunately, no third-party providers are currently supported. However, Apple could release the faceplate much like the complications in a future watchOS version for developers.


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