watchOS 5: Apple Fights Old Apps

Apple is not breaking out of obsolete apps for the first time, even when switching from iOS 10 to iOS 11 Apple no longer start many older applications. The reason for this was the change of the operating system from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture. Now it could be soon on the Apple Watch soon. But for other reasons.

As users of the current beta 4.3.1 report, their operating system displays a warning for some apps. It says that the launched app would not work in future versions of watchOS and would have to be adapted by the developers. Apparently this warning affects apps that were still developed for watchOS 1. The key difference to newer apps: With Apple’s first operating system for the Apple Watch could not be created native apps. The applications always had to be streamed from the iPhone to the clock. Apple does not want to allow this route anymore, instead developers are supposed to program apps that run directly on the smartwatch. Since early April, Apple is no longer receiving updates for watchOS-1 apps, with the update to watchOS 5 in the fall, these apps could then finally be history.

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However, it is questionable how many developers will still adapt their apps. More and more developers are losing interest in the Apple Watch. Big companies like Amazon, eBay and Instagram have already removed their apps for the Apple Watch.

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