watchOS 5 brings Control & Notification Center to all apps

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lots of great new features. In addition to the walkie-talkie feature, podcasts and other innovations, Apple will probably finally integrate an overdue feature. According to beta testers, the control center and the message center should now also be accessible in apps. If you currently want to access one of the two functions, then you always have to return to the clock face view. There, a swipe takes you from the bottom up to the control center, while a swipe opens the message center from top to bottom. In watchOS 5, both functions should be accessible system-wide. However, the feature is currently not very intuitive.

Since some apps are controlled by swiping gestures, there would probably be an inevitable conflict here. On a larger display, like an iPhone or iPad, that would not be a problem. Apple has come up with a solution to reach the control center within an app:

  • Place your finger on the bottom of the Apple Watch display.
  • Hold put your finger on the screen for about half a second until part of the control center appears.
  • Now, pull your finger up to open the control center.

Do you want to Open the message center, run the guide from the top of the screen, and then swipe down when it appears.

The feature has limitations and does not work on the Home screen, not in Dock view.

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