watchOS 5: Customize Control Center – This is how it works on the Apple Watch

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First be The Apple Watch was not a real control center, but so-called checks. Of these, however, Apple said goodbye very quickly and cleared the space for the control center. Over time, it got different extensions (water, flashlight and theater mode), so not all important functions are always ready. In watchOS 5, Apple therefore allows an individual arrangement of each icon. This allows you to move low-use functions down.

How to Rearrange the Apple Watch Control Center

In WatchOS 5, Apple allows you to customize the Control Center for the first time. However, you can not remove a function, just reorder it. To do this, swipe on the dial from bottom to top to go to the control center. Now scroll down to the bottom and tap the “Edit” button.

The icons in the control center are now starting to wobble like on an iOS device. Place your finger on an icon and drag it to the desired location before raising your finger again. You can repeat this as you like. Once all the icons are in place, tap Done.

Note: It is recommended to arrange functions such as the flashlight upwards in order to have them at hand faster in case of need.

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