watchOS 5 makes golden Apple Watch worthless

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In any case, watchOS 5 seems to be one of the more sophisticated operating system updates that Apple presented yesterday at the opening presentation of WWDC 2018. Because watchOS 5 is no longer compatible with the first-generation Apple Watch.

First-generation Apple Watch is worthless

It’s happened, something I’ve never ignored. But it has also happened, which has led many fans of expensive watches always as a manslaughter argument in the field. The expensive Apple Watch Edition becomes useless with watchOS 5.

It initially offered Apple for several thousand euros. In any case, the most expensive option cost so much money that you could buy a small car from it.

Testimonials just have a new watch

But is that why the Apple Watch is worthless? The device may have a collector’s value in 50 to 100 years.

Certainly, Apple will pay special attention to its testimonials, and buyers of Edition Watch will already have a new clock or face the problem with Apple

watchOS 5 only with Series 1 and newer

But if you still own a first generation Apple Watch, then you either have to do without watchOS 5 or get a new model. Apple informs about this on its website.

In general, the company’s strategy is not consistent. So all iPhone owners, who could already use iOS 11, also get the update to iOS 12. Mac and Apple Watch owners, however, are not always in the benefit of the new operating system. Because even macOS Mojave cuts off old braids.

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