Waterfall Well – electric LED valve [REVIEW]


The local Brand of Electric and Electronic Devices Well has many good quality products at offer. The newest device I tested is an electric hot water tap and LED display


Waterfall Well is a product that addresses customers who do not have access to the gas network or do not have an electric boiler or own power plant. But as you will see below for some users, it may be an alternative to the central

The tap has one inlet for cold water. The assembly is simple enough and should not be a problem for anyone. No need for keys or screwdrivers. Connect the metal pipe through which the water flows to the main plastic assembly and the valve is secured to the sink with a large plastic nut that can be tightened by hand

Switching from hot water to cold water is done by turning to the left (hot water) or to the right (cold water) of a lever that is positioned to the right.

The attraction element is the red LED display, which shows the water temperature at a time. On the left side there is a cover that can be unscrewed to gain access to the stainless steel snail that heats the water that passes through it

The cable provided with the tap has a length of 1.1 meters and can be hidden under the sink. For this, Waterfall Well has a channel in the grip system.

Main technical features:

Voltage: 220-240V

Rated power: 3.000W

Water Resistance: IPX4

Hot water flow: 2-2.5 l / min

Hot water temperature: 30-60 degrees Celsius

Power cord length: 1.1m


I tested the product in the kitchen, where I got hot water from the gas apartment plant. The first thing you need to do at first use, before connecting Waterfall Well to the socket, is to let go of the water. Only then, as the water flows, insert the cable into the socket. It is recommended that you do this because there may be water left in the tap after it has been tested in the factory.

I expected this solution to be unsatisfactory compared to my old hot water tap, directly connected to the plant. I wanted to test the product and then connect the old battery again. I did not do this and I will explain why.

Well can replace the boiler even in winter. It depends, however, on what kind of "dishwasher" / user you are. If you are the kind of person who likes to be very hot water when washing your dishes, this product is not for you, at least not in winter. For a user like me, however, washing the warm water pots, Waterfall Well is all I need.

Even now, in winter, when the water gets very cold on the pipes, the tap manages to deliver it for long periods of 40 degrees Celsius. Obviously, as you increase the flow, the temperature drops. But even when the lever is operated at the first stage for hot water the flow is satisfactory. I estimate that the Waterfall Well is able to supply water at 60 degrees Celsius, as the manufacturer claims.

As far as the temperature measurement system is concerned, it is accurate and the display changes frequently. This allows you to adjust the flow rate to keep water temperature constant.

I am concerned, however, with the IPX4 water protection standard. This is medium and I do not know what happens if you drop more than once in the long run, water in large quantities over the main body of the tap. For splatters, this rating should be enough. By comparison, a smartphone that can be immersed in water to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes has an IPX8 rating

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Waterfall Well is a reasonably priced product of about 170 lei, which can be the ideal solution for hot water in a cottage, a summer kitchen (popular in the country) or a home without access to the network of gas. The LED display is also a useful and interesting element, but I'm not sure what happens over time if you are a careless user and drop out large amounts of water repeatedly over the main valve assembly

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