Waze for iOS can be used on the Ford machine screen, but not through CarPlay

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At this moment, the Android Auto platform has a big advantage over Apple's CarPlay, as this is the only one that can offer navigation using Waze through the car's infotainment system. However, iOS users do not have to cast their phones on the car's glass, as Google seems to accept Waze compatibility with iOS through dedicated manufacturer software, and Ford is the first company to support this app on iOS through its system owner of infotainment called SYNC 3.

The announcement of this feature was already done at CES 2018, but it was lost among the new TV ads and all sorts of impressive prototypes. Rules to publish an application through CarPlay involve the use of Apple Maps, or more aggressive bargaining with Apple, but Google does not seem to get tired of doing it. Instead, he made a deal with Ford to connect the iOS application directly to the SYNC 3 system already in the car without using the dedicated Apple interface

To work, SYNC 3 needs to be upgraded to version 3.0, while the iOS version must be at least 11.3. The application will run in real-time on the phone, so it will consume the battery, but it will also be displayed on the car's screen and will be integrated into the Ford interface, so it can be controlled in this way

Waze will work in this way with any machine equipped with SYNC 3, so it is likely to be especially models specifically configured with this system, and most likely this function will be preserved on future models of the SYNC software .

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