We expect this software from Apple in 2018

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iOS update 11.3 will be released, but more is expected in the fall of iOS 12. This time, Apple is reportedly going down a few gears and to some new features in favor of the stabilization of the bet dispensing with the rubbing system. This is also urgently needed after the rather unstable iOS 11 to restore customer confidence.

iOS 11.3 will include troubleshooting, new battery management control features. As Tim Cook announced, iOS 11.3 gives users the ability to disable throttling the iPhone. Apple implemented this feature after it became known that older iPhones are stealthily throttled when their batteries are exhausted.


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In addition, iOS 11.3 includes a number of new Animoji characters. Building on the characters introduced last year alongside the iPhone X, iOS 11.3 adds a bear, a dragon, a skull, and a lion.

In addition, iOS 11.3 includes ARKit 1.5. The new version of the Augmented Reality platform from Apple allows the recognition of vertical surfaces and other improvements. Add to that the Business Chat feature, which enables companies to communicate directly with their customers through iMessage.

iOS 11.3 will also be able to move the iMessage feature to the cloud. The feature synchronizes messages across all users’ devices and makes it easy for users to manage their chat messages.

Additionally, iOS 11.3 includes the Digital Health File feature in the Health App. The update will allow users to save medical data from hospitals and other providers directly in the Health App.

iOS 11.3 also includes enhancements to Apple News, which only works in the US, and allows the software-based HomeKit authentication. Whether AirPlay 2 will be included is uncertain after Apple removed the feature in recent beta releases.

watchOS 4.3, tvOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4

In addition to iOS 11.3, Apple is testing minor updates for Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac users. These updates are not nearly as big as their iOS counterparts, but still bring a few changes. For example, watchOS 4.3 includes a few minor changes to the user interface.

tvOS 11.3 includes a number of enhancements. The frame rate adjustment is introduced with the update to the Apple TV fourth generation. Of course, in macOS 10.13.4 there will also be iMessage in the cloud. Added to this are improvements under the hood.

Both watchOS 4.3 and tvOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 should be released in March 2018.

iOS 12

iOS 12 will be released in the fall 2018 appear. First and foremost, it is expected that iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 will provide support for cross-platform applications. This would allow iOS developers to create applications for the Mac platform as well.

iOS 12 will include new parental control features that Apple announced earlier this year. How this new parental control will work is not known. There will also be a revised iBooks application.

iOS 12 will probably also include new health features. Apple has steadily improved the health and medical record features of the iPhone and it is unlikely that it will be over. Maybe AirPlay 2 also comes with iOS 12.

watchOS 5

What Apple intends to do with the Smartwatch is unclear. Developers are withdrawing more and more from the platform, so a new WatchKit should evolve to arouse interest. Presumably watchOS 5 will contain some new dials, but if users can also add their own dials is not known. In addition, sleep tracking could become a big issue. Apple had taken over a corresponding provider in the last year. Possibly also an Apple podcast function and a note application will be added.

tvOS 12

Whether Apple manages to offer Dolby Atmos to users of the Apple TV 4K in the future is uncertain. Actually, the feature should be implemented, but it was suddenly no more speech. Eventually, Apple will make a redesign of the interface.

macOS 10.14

The most important new feature of macOS 10.14 is likely to be the cross-platform app function with iOS 12. Maybe Apple also unlocks Hey-Siri for macOS.

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