We grow 40-50% on phones and tablets in 2018


Huawei's consumer product division, which manages sales of China's giant phone, tablet and gadgets (bracelets, smart clocks, etc.), has budgeted for this year a 40-50% , at a rate even faster than last year, when the turnover climbed 30 percent to 130 million euros

"For this year, we have budgeted a strong new growth of about 40-50%, and after the good performance of the first months of the year, we believe our target is achievable," Zachary Jianglinchao, Country Manager of ZF Huawei Consumer Business Group

If the target is reached, Huawei will reach a turnover of 200 million euros on consumer products, according to ZF calculations.

One of the growth engines that Huawei counts are the recently launched P20 series smartphones. In Romania, Huawei is number two on the smartphone market after the number of units sold last year after Samsung

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