Were my Facebook data used by Cambridge Analytica?

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Want to know if your Facebook data was shared with analytics company Cambridge Analytica?

Was your data used by Cambridge Analytica?

Then simply call a new information page on Facebook. On the one hand, Facebook will tell you whether you are or have been logged in to “This Is Your Digital Life” and have passed on data directly to Cambridge Analytica.

Another piece of information that you have received Those who have been logged on to “This Is Your Digital Life” by friends or acquaintances, and who have thus indirectly shared information.

Local Authorities Should Make Inhabitants’ Data

Given that Germany, the city and community association proposes to make the data of the citizens to make money, the supposed Facebook scandal acts more like a scandal.

Nevertheless, you should check whether your data in the case of Cambridge Analytica but not synonymous were used. The consequences for you are up to you. Maybe someone will give you free advice at the city’s consumer center on how you might object to the indirect use of your data. Unfortunately, the topic of privacy is very complex and the legal situation is not so clear that you have patent remedies at hand.

Celebrities Join #DeleteFacebook

On March 29, Playboy announced on Facebook to leave. Even before, there was the hashtag “#DeleteFacebook” by private users. On the day, however, the shortcut is experiencing a boom and became a trend topic. It was not long before some more prominent users joined in and said goodbye to Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Network. While Elon Musk had yet to be brought to it, Apple founder Steve Wozniak now announced to leave FB.

But there is also increasing pressure on some institutions that do not want to leave Facebook voluntarily and not for marketing reasons. For example, the German cable network operator in Germany recently called for the fee-financed television of ARD and ZDF to withdraw from Facebook.

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