What Action Cam to Offer for Christmas?



If you're having a break in your family, whether you're addicted to skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking or any other extreme sport, giving them a cam action at Christmas is a sure bet. These small format cameras can fit everywhere, they now film in 4K (for the most part) and generally resist (with a box or not) to water and shocks, all for a price often more affordable than a traditional camera or camcorder. For all these reasons, cam action makes great Christmas gifts.

However, it can be complicated for the uninitiated to choose the right model. These will no doubt go naturally to GoPro, the famous American manufacturer who popularized this format, but it should be known that cheaper alternatives and quite satisfactory exist. To prevent your gifts from ending up on Le Bon Coin, CNET has selected for you four very good models in three different price ranges.



The GoPro Hero 6 Black retains the assets that made the success of the Hero5 Black, a solid and waterproof case without additional box, a touch screen with convincing ergonomics, a beautiful 4K image, and refines all thanks to a new processor. Indeed, the GP1 now allows him to achieve a framerate of 60 images per second in 4K and enjoy an even more efficient electronic stabilization. This one is however unavailable in 4K 60 ips and the autonomy of the apparatus suffers a little of these new features, but the GoPro Hero6 Black is nonetheless an excellent action cam which you will not regret the purchase, at least if its higher price than the previous model does not scare you.

The Choice of Reason


Yi Technology comes back to heckle GoPro with a model capable of shooting in 4K at 60 frames per second. It also ships a new, more powerful processor for more fluid and accurate images. The touch screen is of course always at the rendezvous, and the autonomy remains higher than the competition. On the other hand, the electronic stabilization is unfortunately unavailable in 4K 60 ips. Its price is also higher than the previous model but still below its US rivals, the GoPro Hero5 and Hero6 Black, making it a very interesting alternative.


If you want to be able to share videos via YouTube and Facebook and look for a camera as powerful as GoPro's Hero4 Black, but with a premium touch screen and a significantly lower price, there is little reason to hesitate buy this YI 4K. The video quality is excellent, the features are rich with including Wi-Fi for easy control from the smartphone and its autonomy is located on the high range. Unquestionably a good deal.

The cheapest gift


In addition to a very well-priced price and autonomy among the best on the market, the TomTom Bandit corrects one of the big gaps in action cam: publishing. With a strong intuitive mobile application, it is possible to perform, from his smartphone, editing manually or assisted with a random mode. In addition to wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to the smartphone, it includes a GPS and multiple sensors used during video recording to mark speed, altitude, rotation or heart rate (via an optional Bluetooth heartbelt). Its waterproof design without additional housing is also a plus. In flats, if the video quality is very good, it is slightly below the references that are GoPro Hero4 Black and Sony FDR-X1000V.

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