What are Android One and Android Go and how does it differ from the standard version of the operating system developed by Google

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Google is currently developing three mobile smartphone operating systems. These are Android, Android One and Android Go. Although they are largely identical in "DNA," the three platforms were designed for devices in different price categories (and implicit performance), even if this reasoning is not always respected by manufacturers, as you will see below. For example, HTC recently launched a pretty powerful smartphone – the U11 Life – running Android One, although it could have been delivered with the standard OS version. Another company has two high-end models that use the One edition.

Android One

This version of Android was announced in 2014 and was to be installed on low-end smartphones, especially for emerging markets. However, Android One has begun to appear on more and more mid-range versions, some from well-known manufacturers (see HTC) and pretty powerful hardware. That's why Google has enriched it and has finally come to launch a new version of Android for low-cost smartphones.

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Some manufacturers, such as HMD Global (Nokia), prefer to use this platform on all models because it offers several benefits guaranteed by Google. These are:

– Security updates for three years

– Updates to the new versions of Android for two years

– Access to the basic operating system interface and Google services

– Phone hardware is tested by Google before being accepted in Android One.

Many users prefer Android One because it is very similar to the pure version of the standard operating system developed by Google and installed on the Pixel terminals

Other examples of smartphones that run Android One are: Moto X4, Xiaomi Mi A1, Nokia 6 or Nokia 7.

With a few exceptions, Android One is not installed on top of the range. Some of these exceptions are the Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco models offered by HMD Global

Android Go

Google offers a range of Go applications optimized for weaker smartphones. These include YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, or Gmail Go. Few know that there is also Android Go. This version of the operating system is not well known in the West, where people usually buy more advanced smartphones

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Android Go has been designed for smartphones that have a RAM of 1 GB or less, 8-16 GB internal storage capacity and entry-level chipset (Snapdragon 210 or a similar MediaTek model)

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The operating system includes the Go, which we write about above, of Google apps. They occupy a small space (on average 50% less) and have lower mobile data consumption. Any unnecessary functionality has been removed from this platform. Thus, manufacturers can offer very cheap Android smartphones, some with less than $ 50

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