How can I invest in cryptomonades? What is an ICO? What is a wallet? When is the best time to buy? What is the difference between a stock portfolio and a portfolio of cryptomonads? Answers to the most common questions faced by investors when they want to buy cryptomonades and convert their real money into real money

Investing in cryptomonads is one of the most profitable investment options in the world. Surprise comes from the fact that bitcoin is not the most profitable choice, but the cryptomonas to be launched through Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Investing in a new cryptomony can yield up to 425,000 percent.

The cryptomonas market is over $ 500 billion, and investors everywhere are looking for the opportunity to access a slice of the new El Dorado of the world.

Specialists at the "Cryptocurrency Phenomenon in 2018" event, organized by IntelDev Technologies and Omega House, argue that investing in a new cryptomon that is now launching can have a higher return than investing in an already existing cryptomon, such as bitcoin

The investment in cryptomones can be done in two ways: Buying a cryptomonge that has already been launched or investing in launching a new cryptomonade - ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

In the first case, the investment is made through exchanges. In order to access such a exchange, the user must create a wallet (virtual wallet) that can be accessed by the user through a unique code called a private key

According to the new regulations, called AML (Anti Money Laundering), platforms should have customer data - KYC (Know Your Customer - Know Your Customer).

Some exchange platforms, when creating a wallet, ask for a picture of the identity card, and making a "selfie" photo where the user has to hold the bank card in his hand, leaving the last 4 digits on the card to prove it is his . Not all platforms comply with these regulations

Once this identification process is complete, users can start buying coins with fiat money.

The second investment variant is the one in digital coin to be launched - a procedure called ICO.

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