What connected toy to give for Christmas?



Admit it, when you wrote your list at Santa Claus, it was often about toys of all kinds. To pay tribute to our childhood souls, and also because it can help when we have no idea of ​​a gift for the youngest or the oldest children, we offer a Christmas shopping guide is dedicated to connected toys. Here are some ideas, most remote controlled.

NB: some of these toys have not been tested properly for lack of time, but we have all had them in the hands and we can attest to their quality.

Without Limit

Not rated


Lego Mindstorm EV3

Lego's Mindstorm series is arguably the most high-tech of all. Unlike the classic Lego, Mindstorm comes with a programmable housing. Fans will be able to enjoy it with simple software for PC and Mac, or use the default programs. This latest version, called EV3, can also be controlled via its iOS or Android smartphone. The EV3 is configurable in 5 different robots, from the traditional biped to the snake including the spider. Long hours of playing in a box, which is not given … and which does not contain batteries.


Sphero relied a lot on the end of the year holiday and bet on Disney licenses. On Star Wars obviously, but also Cars who was entitled to its third installment during the summer of 2017. It is therefore the hero of the film, Flash McQueen, who will also be the hero of the holiday season. The car is still driven by a smartphone, but it is not a beast remote control car. On the one hand because it is mounted on cylinders to give a little style, and secondly because its windshield is an LCD screen that will give it very expressive eyes, helped by a mouth that will also move according to his words. A little gem of technology therefore, that we will pay a high price.

The choice of reason

Not rated


Orbotix Sphero R2-D2

Sphero is back this year with connected Star Wars toys, and it's still a Droid. After the BB-8, his grandfather R2D2 is entitled to its official version driven by a smartphone. It takes the form of a more traditional remote controlled object, which will roll through two "caterpillar" rubber. But it is on ignition that the toy takes all its charm, already by what we are surprised to see it deploy a third foot to stabilize … and copy more faithfully the robot of the film. Then, like the BB-8, it's through his faithful and cute soundings that the droid comes to life. It's impossible not to fall in love with it


For a Star Wars fan this flying derivative can be a good gift idea. This is even more true that this Star Wars drone is particularly neat and that it looks in all respects with those of the saga. For besides the wahou effect after unpacking (the music of Star Wars sounds and a Plexiglas box lights up to unveil the drone) this Speeder Bike 74-Z offers strong performance in the air. The flight experience is excellent and the sensation of speed (more than 50 km / hour) simply bluffing.

The Lesser Gift

Not rated


Sphero Mini

Sphero wants to capitalize on the Star Wars license but she does not forget what made her successful: the remote controlled balls. At the end of the year, the company launched a "Mini" version of its toy of the same name. Smaller, cheaper, but just as fun. We find everything that made the success of the classic version as predefined animations, planning the course and its speed quite honorable. Small bonus, the ball is delivered with 6 pins and three cones to give you the choice to pilot sessions or a game of all-in-one.



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