What does Huawei P20 Pro look like when the setting that hides "bangs" is activated


Unfortunately, the new Huawei P20 smartphones come with "bangs". Fortunately, there is an option in the menu that can be hidden in the menu

After the "Hide notch" option is checked, a black tape appears hiding this item at the top of the screen

Here's what P20 Pro looks like with "notch" and without:

If on the more expensive P20 Pro model with an OLED display, the "bang" can be masked more easily, it remains to be seen how well this function works on a standard IPS LCD screen. These displays can not display, as they say, the "blackest black" and "whiter white" because they have a back panel that illuminates the pixels all the time. So on Huawei P20 the "bang" shape will most likely be distinguished even after the "Hide notch" activation.

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For OLED displays each pixel is individually illuminated. Organic polymers are used, which generate light when they receive electricity. Thus, these displays can display a deep black.

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