What does Vivo Nex S look like with transparent back for exposing inside components

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Glass covered on both sides and fitted with a retractable camera, the Vivo Nex S is certainly one of the most elegant smartphones this year.

In while most users will appreciate the iridescent finish applied to the back, some of them are attracted to aspects of the device's technology. We take for example the screen, which replaces both the fingerprint sensor and the audio headset, replaced by a technology that allows the glass surface to be transformed into the speaker. Other innovations, such as the retractable camera, can be fully appreciated only by looking inside the casing.

After first appreciating the extreme construction robust, JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel specialists have gone through the modification of the Vivo Nex S tested in the clip here to transform the visual appearance

Carefully detached from the housing squeegee by heating and removing the adhesive, the glass cover proven to be very easy to modify. Obtained by applying a self-adhesive film on the inside of the lid, the iridescent finish can be removed by simply detaching it, exposing perfectly transparent glass. In view of the exposure of the camera's drive mechanism, a last change involves cutting the metal shield with electronic plate bolts

Reassembled by mounting the chassis cover, the Vivo Nex S gets an industrial look, not necessarily pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, but certainly interesting to look at.

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