What happens if you take a 360 in the world's most "dangerous" rollercoaster

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What if you take a 360 ° GoPro Fusion camera in the Six Flags Amusement Park? That's what Jeb Corliss, who filmed his whole experience in the Goliath Carousel, is one of the world's fastest and fastest attractions (the carousel can reach 150 km / h and has a maximum height of 91 m).

Instead of turning the clip into a 360 degree video you can explore using your mouse, phone position, or a pair of VR glasses, Corliss decided to leave the material intact without modifying it. The result is at least dizzying and some moments may cause you motion sickness because of the unnatural mode in which the material is rendered.

You can see at the same time both the train wagon and the entire track, both in the direction it comes from and in the direction it goes. From a point of view, this material is genuinely hypnotizing, demonstrating once again that there is still room for innovation in video capture

The video became viral on the internet shortly after Jeb Corliss's YouTube account was published, collecting 350,000 views in less than a week. This number will surely increase in the coming days.

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