Perri Game, a 25-year-old from Berkshire, went to a bar with a girlfriend. On this occasion, he tested the Wetherspoons application. This allows users to order in the pubs the desired products from the phone, but also to receive free drinks and snacks from strangers.

While in The Bear Pub, Perri wrote on Twitter: "We're at 36 Bear Wetherspoons table in Maidenhead. If you want to download the app and give us a drink or two. "

Shortly afterwards, drinks and snacks began to flow at their table. Perri says they have received more than 60 drinks, glasses of milk, and cocktails for peas

At one point, the young man told the staff of the bar to keep all the products ordered at the table of 36 strangers on the internet because "things had taken a mad turn."

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