What makes the man who received the first bionic penis in the world


Mohammed Abad, from Scotland, is the man who received the first bionic penis in the world in 2015. He recently gave an interview in which he talked about how this operation, which cost £ 70,000, changed his life. The 44-year-old man recently returned to Pakistan, the country of origin, where his parents tried to marry him with 19-20 year olds. Abad declined his offer and said he wanted to marry a divorced woman with children.

The man is now the manager of a store, and after surgery he had sexual intercourse with Charlotte Rose in 2016 , a prostitute. However, since then she has not had sex with other women. He claims to have an "emotional" relationship with someone for eight months.

To be sure the bionic penis works properly, Mohammed starts and stops it every day.

The organ was carried out for three years by a team of experts from University of London from grafts taken from Mohammed's forearm, according to Engadget. The penis also includes a pump mechanism. "When you want a little action, press the 'on' button. When finished, press another button. It takes a few seconds, "said the patient.

Abad lost his penis and a testicle in a severe accident suffered at the age of six. He was hanged by a vehicle that dragged him over a distance of 180 meters. Because of his handicap, Abad has failed to establish a family. Things changed in 2015 when Abad (43 years old) became the first bionic penis in the world

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