What's Inside Galaxy Note9 Case


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At a glance, the Galaxy Note9 does not look much different than the predecessor Note8 nor the Galaxy S9 + alternative, delivered without the S Pen accessory. However, Samsung has added many new features to the Note9 model, and the hardware differences, though invisible from the outside, are quite large.

Disassembled just one day after the official presentation, Galaxy Note9 shows a configuration with pretty subtle changes, imposed to make room for the 4000 mAh battery. On the one hand, we find smaller components that occupy less space and are easier to access for possible repairs. For example, the electronic battery charge card has fewer components and is easier to separate from the main electronic board.

By far, the most important upgrade to the Galaxy Note9 is the cooling system. While other smartphones use a combination of headpipe designed to distribute heat to a wider surface of the carcass, Note 9 uses a copper plate that covers both the propriuis chipset and the neighboring region of the electronic board

The technology called Water Carbon Cooling provides additional heat distribution, avoiding the formation of hot spots that could affect the performance of the device


Overall, the Galaxy Note9 seems to be a better-in-home phone and easier to repair. Probably, Samsung also has some savings in terms of manufacturing costs, which are unfortunately not found in the retail price.

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