What’s next for Android P with Android?

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Google Welcomes the Score

The new Android P offers support for the score that has copied dozens of smartphones from the Far East from the iPhone X. The company from Cupertino is rumored to be one step further and would like to abolish the notch again, at a time when the competition is just introducing it.

While in the public eye the discussion at first sight so led as if the majority hate the score, Apple has launched a trend with it. There is no other way to explain that Google explicitly supports different screen resolutions with a notch in Android P.

Google abandons Nexus

At the same time, Google gives up its clientele-popular Nexus products. As of today, the Nexus devices will not get an update to P. But that’s no surprise, but already known. Now that the Developer Preview of Android P has been released, and does not appear for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, this fact has only been documented once again.

Never put Android on tablets at home


Google tried to reach the market with its own tablets. The last of these was the pixel C. Also, the device is no longer supplied by the manufacturer with the new Android version. At the same time, that means Google does not currently offer a tablet that uses the latest version of Android.

What will become of Android tablets?

Therefore, the question may be allowed, what will become of Android tablets in the future? Apple is the world’s largest supplier of tablets. In fact, the company has even sold more devices recently. On rank 2 comes Samsung, ranked 3rd Amazon. However, the Korean competitor suffered immense losses in tablet sales in 2017 compared to the previous year. The online shop operator uses on his devices anyway only a so-called Fork of Android, FireOS, which one develops further.

So what will become of Android tablets? And where should innovation be driven in this segment? Google seems to have given a possible answer. With the Pixelbook it published a conventional notebook with 12-inch display and ChromeOS, which could be used as needed but also like a tablet. But only by stylus and not with your fingers. It is conceivable that the future of Android tablets will be ChromeOS in the medium term.

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