WhatsApp co-founder joins # DeleteFacebook Movement

About four years ago, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and thus had already released a debate about privacy. At that time, many users deleted their WhatsApp accounts as part of the acquisition. The two WhatsApp founders Jan Koum and Brain Acton were then around 16 billion US dollars for the messaging service. While Koum continues to lead the WhatsApp team, Acton left the company last year. Now Acton committed to # DeleteFacebook movement. In a Twitter message he wrote that "it's time" and tagged the tweet with the hashtag of the movement.

Already last year, Acton showed that he probably did not agree with the takeover by Facebook. He set up a nonprofit organization and invested $ 50 million in Signal - a WhatsApp competitor committed to strong encryption and user privacy.

According to recent reports, Facebook is being thoroughly raided by the US agency Federal Trade Commission investigated. The FTC will take a closer look at the relationship between the social media company and Cambridge Analytica. Of course, the reuse of user data is the focus.

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