WhatsApp from 2019 with advertising overlays – Can that be good?


Facebook generates most of the s a turnover through advertising revenue. Therefore, it is little wonder that the subsidiary WhatsApp should also jump on the train. The company paved the way over the last few years and, for example, was able to inspire many users who previously used Snapchat Stories with its revised status function.

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With more than 450 million active users daily, WhatsApp status is used about twice as often as the original Snapchat. Facebook now wants to take advantage of this fact and will place advertisements in the coming year. This is what the WhatsApp told TechCrunch.

According to their own statements, there is currently no advertising within the WhatsApp status, but this "represents a future target which will start in 2019". However, the procedure is cautious and would like to announce some details in advance. Thereafter, advertisements could appear between individual status messages. TechCrunch expects the additional ad revenue to be insignificant, especially if the company chooses non-skippable advertising.

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