WhatsApp iPhone Update with New Admin Features

Es is a rather peculiar version jump that WhatsApp is currently doing, providing several new features.

WhatsApp with more admin functions

You are admin of a WhatsApp group? Then you can now remove the admin status of other participants on the iPhone. To do this, select the Admin in the "Group Info" and tap "Remove Admin Status."

In addition, as a group admin, you can now decide who can change the group subject, group picture, and group description. To customize settings, go to "Group Info" and tap "Group Settings."

Messenger with Enhanced Video Playback

You probably knew the luxury of inline playback of YouTube videos in WhatsApp already from previous updates. With the new update you can now also play videos from Facebook and Instagram directly in the messenger. These open in an overlay window, allowing you to continue chatting with other participants at the same time.

WhatsApp is available for free on the App Store. The app requires at least iOS 7.0 or newer. The download is 157.9 MB.

             Download on the App Store

WhatsApp Messenger

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.

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