WhatsApp Weather Forecast: Messenger Makes Weather App Superfluous

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The popular Messenger WhatsApp is not only ideal for chatting with friends, but also tells you thanks to the provider WeatherOnline every day the current weather, the weather forecast for the next day and Weather alerts in your area. We tried the feature and show you step by step how to set it up. WhatsApp Weather Forecast
WhatsApp will tell you every day the weather, the weather forecast provider Weather Online makes it possible.
Here’s how it works:

To get your personal weather report, you need to have a phone number on the Wetter Online page and include it in your contacts.

Then write a WhatsApp message with the text ” Start “.

You will receive a confirmation of registration.

To get your own personal weather report, send the word ” Weather ” now and follow the instructions to set the desired location and time.

Optimally, set the time so that you already have the weather report on your smartphone when you get up.
To change the location or time you want to receive your daily weather report, you can always respond with ” Location ” or ” Time “. For a one-time weather query, for example Munich, write ” Wetter M√ľnchen “. Further help can be found in the message ” Help “. If you want to unsubscribe from your weather report, write ” Stop “, but if you do not want any more messages for the rest of the day, answer ” Quiet “.

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