WhatsApp will start showing ads in Status

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Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, will take new measures to increase the profitability of the famous messaging service, allowing companies to contact WhatsApp users and display ads within the app. published in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will introduce a new type of ads meant to inform WhatsApp users that they can use text messages to directly contact companies whose products or services they are interested in. Interestingly, for every message from a prospective customer, WhatsApp will charge to 9 cents target companies

Already, about 100 companies would be interested in the new promotion service , many having names known as Singapore Airlines and Uber.

Expectations from next year, the new advertisements will take the form of collages of pictures, video sequences and text already known Instagram Stories. Displayed at the WhatsApp Status tab, ads will be interleaved with the status messages shared by people in the contact list, disappearing after about 24 hours of publication.

At present, approximately 450 million users interact in one way or another with WhatsApp Status posts, either by watching collages published by friends on the list or by sharing their own creations. Given that the Instagram Stories-like feature has 400 million users and is already being used successfully for displaying ads, inclusion of WhatsApp users in this promotional mechanism could bring substantial revenue increases to the Facebook owner

For now, Facebook will let users choose if they want to receive messages from companies so the new "assortment" of ads should not cause too much trouble

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