When repaired: Apple replaces 16GB 16GB iPhone 5c with 32GB models

While the iPhone 5c has not received an update to iOS 11, Apple continues to provide hardware support. Now there is a good news for users of the colorful iPhone, whose device must be repaired. Apple instructed its employees and authorized service partners that some customers with 16GB models should receive replacement devices with 32GB of storage.

Yesterday, Apple sent a note to both its service employees and authorized service partners iPhone 5c (16GB) may be replaced by “iPhone 5c” models with 32GB of memory for comprehensive device repairs, but not all 16GB models will be replaced by dual-storage devices, in a report It is said that only “iPhone 5c” models with production defects or other problems may see such an upgrade exchanged repairs through the 32 GB variant.

Why Apple has ordered the replacement of “16 GB iPhone 5c” models with 32 GB models is currently unknown. As with other exchanges of this kind may be a bottleneck on the corresponding devices behind it. Last year, repairs to old MacBook Pro models (from 2012 on) were handled similarly and some users were even getting substantial newer generations as replacement devices since there were bottlenecks with components.

Originally, the iPhone 5c appeared together with the iPhone 5s in 2013 and sold the last devices (with 8GB of memory) until February 2016 in India.

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