Why a CCleaner Function is Complete for the Bucket: A Comment by Jörg Geiger

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I plead guilty, I'm Windows Spring Cleaner. When others tidy up balconies, terraces and basements on the first weekend of the year, I squat down at the PC. But I do not want to make my computer faster, it does not work that way either. For me it's about two things, order and free space. Why should I leave programs on my system that I no longer use, why folders that I no longer need? Since I am very keen on recent backups, I would also like to avoid that unnecessary stuff is then still backed up. But why CCleaner, the Disk Cleanup does a good job? That's right, but CCleaner offers some useful tools under Tools. Example pre-installed apps under Windows 10: In CCleaner click on "Uninstall" and really all can be removed. Even bad browser plugins that can hide in Chrome and Firefox, removes CCleaner. The Disk Analyzer displays very large files, not rocket science at all, but I find it convenient.


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