Why is not an eSIM still being used in the iPhone?


The use of eSIM chips has been possible for years, but the mobile service providers seem to like it know nothing about it, but the benefits are obvious. There is no longer a need for a SIM card slot on the device. This offers less grip surface for liquids or the like and at the same time saves valuable space inside. In addition, the switch to another provider is simplified because no new SIM card needs to be requested. Especially when deploying abroad saves you the way to a local phone shop and can book directly after arrival a prepaid rate. For the current iPad Pro with mobile option, Apple is therefore an interesting way and offers a SIM card slot and an integrated Apple SIM that works as an eSIM.

According to a recent New York Times report, two major US carriers are blocking the move to eSIM on smartphones. Apple should therefore have decided together with another mobile operator to file a lawsuit. This should already have happened at the end of last year. According to the lawsuit, AT & T and Verizon are secretly working together to drive new standards and block practical eSIM technology and its benefits.

It has long been speculated that Apple will abolish the existing SIM card and replace it with an eSIM would like to. But if big vendors in an important market block such measures, even Apple is powerless. The move to action could soon give new impetus to the topic.

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