Will the Apple Glasses not arrive until 2021?

Do you know Gene Munster? This is not a member the television family The Munsters from the 1960s, but a dazzling personality in the field of analyst landscape. For example, Munster's idea was that Apple would want to publish its own TV for a long time. He was not right about that. Meanwhile, Munster is venture capitalist in its own company Loup Ventures.

Will Apple Glasses Only Come 2021?

Munster is of the opinion this time that the Apple is a portable augmented reality gadget 2021 on the market brings. The analyst sees short-term three phases or just steps to the release of the so-called "Apple Glasses."

First, in the autumn more iPhones with VCSEL surface emitters in the Face-ID camera will be published. They also support AR applications.

Phase 2 sees a race for the best ARKit apps among developers. According to Munster, there will be another "gold rush" in the area. Apple then publishes its augmented reality glasses in phase 3.

Investors disagree about Augmented Reality

Munster's article also addresses investors' mixed feelings about technology. The most successful applications are Snapchat and Pokémon GO. But on the other side would be the failure of Google Glass in 2015.

At the present time, the general public is not ready for AR glasses. But if Apple manages to bring the technology so far that it is as useful as the Apple Watch, the users would be persuaded. Munster definitely sees a bright future for these devices.

"In the future, we do not want to live without AR wearable, and Apple wants to sell us one."

Loup Ventures initially speculated that Apple's AR goggles might be presented in September 2020. Now, Munster speaks of December 2021

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